Workers Compensation

The right treatment, at the right time, with the right provider = reduced costs

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Care Services

First Party Medical Claims

Gain control of length of treatment, reduce medical expense, and decrease claim duration.

Chiro Care

Enhance Your Employee Benefits Program

Late reporting of injuries driving your workers compensation costs through the roof?

24/7 Injury

Care Direct

Rx Factor  Chemical Dependency Prevention

Prescription opioid dependence can ruin an employees’ life.

Rx Factor

Prevention & Management

Your People. Your Costs. Our Priority.

PDI is different – it’s just that simple! We are a managed care services organization that has not diluted itself over our 35 years of business, but has adhered to our vintage service principals. Our long history in the industry, technological expertise and our entrepreneurial spirit, leads to the creation of customized programs and services for our clients that are trusted, extremely efficient, and are proven to provide a significant return on investment. Are you ready to partner with a company that can tailor our programs to meet your needs and exceed your expectations?

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