Medical Provider Network (MPN) Management

Our Medical Provider Network (“MPN”) solutions are designed to help employers comply with the MPN state regulations and ensure “top notch” providers in this customized solution.

The management of the MPN solutions are critical to the success of an employers’ MPN model. PDI assists in the education and management of providers in a way that will result in the best overall treatment outcomes. Customized solutions include:

  • Ensuring compliance with the employee notification process, both at implementation and at the time of injury.
  • Provides a formal process to manage services in the event a provider terminates from the MPN, or the injured worker requests a second, third or IMR opinion.
  • Assists with the required process to allow for the treatment of an injured worker who might be outside the MPN geographical boundaries.
  • Initial and re-notifications processed and stored in an electronic database.
  • Outcome reporting captured through UR and Peer Review Services. Login to Medical Provider Network Manager »

Service Benefits

  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Increased Data Integrity
  • Advanced Reporting Capabilities
  • HIPAA Compliant Data Security
  • Accessibility to Your Data