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Professional Dynamics Inc. Announces Medical Director Selection for new innovative Chemical Dependency Prevention and Management Program (CDPM)


Employee Prevention and Care Coordination Programs, resulting from the misuse of addictive medications.

Rancho Cordova CA, January 09, 2008: Professional Dynamics Inc. A Northern California based, worker’s compensation, managed care services company announced today that Dr. Lawrence S. Pohl M.D., MPH has accepted the position of Medical Director of the Chemical Dependency Prevention and Management Program ("CDPM").

Professional Dynamics, Inc. (“PDI”) has been partnering with employers for more than 26 years to develop innovative solutions directed at helping injured workers obtain appropriate medical care, with a focus on returning the employee to work as soon as possible.

PDI has developed a unique program that focuses on identifying, evaluating and consulting with treating providers, to address the escalating problem resulting from the misuse of addictive medications for work injuries. A Peer-to-Peer approach is used to impact those cases that show patterns of chronic or emerging pain medication usage and dependencies.

PDI’s CDPM Program is a successful tool used to help stop this insidious compensable consequence of treatment, before it becomes catastrophic to both the injured worker and the claim. ," said Betti Anders, President and Chief Executive Officer of PDI.

Professional Dynamics, Inc. employs Physicians and Care Coordinators, with training in addiction medicine, to help impact cases that have been identified with excessive painmedication prescription usage.

Dr. Pohl is Board Certified in both Occupational Medicine and Family Practice. He is a member of the American Medical Society on Addiction Medicine and has practiced a Sub Specialty in Addiction Medicine for more than 20 years. Dr. Pohl also serves as a Medical Review Officer (MRO), due to his chemical dependency expertise, evaluating drug tests for employers. He is a past Medical Director of Raleigh Hills Hospital, treating patients addicted to drugs and alcohol. Many physicians dislike treating the chemically dependent, but Dr. Pohl has found it to be some of the most rewarding work of his career. “It’s so gratifying to see these patients turn their lives around” stated Dr. Pohl,Medical Director of PDI’s CDPM program.

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