Nurse Case Management

Professional Dynamics offers telephonic, field and client on-site case management services. Our nursing staff is experienced in workers compensation injury management, catastrophic and disease management.

Our case management process focuses on the management and coordination of care through efficient use of resources. Cost containment, while essential, is not the only goal. Quality and continuity of care, coupled with the assurance of appropriate and timely intervention, are crucial elements for recovery and promoting a stay at work/return to work philosophy. By approaching the case with these goals, our nurses facilitate treatment options and services focused on the identified health needs. This approach decreases the fragmentation and duplication of treatment, while ensuring the right treatment, at the right time, with the right provider.

Utilization management is incorporated into our case management process to maintain the focus on evidenced based treatment protocols. Our case management outcomes provide cost containment through coordinating medical care in accordance with evidenced based treatment guidelines, reduction in days away from work, utilization of preferred vendor partners and a decrease in claim duration. Our clients experience an average cost containment ratio of 4:1 by utilizing our case management services.

Our high level of technological expertise serves as the platform to provide our clients with real time transfer of case manager notes in their designated system. Case management services are personalized to provide an added value the clients’ program and exceed expectations.

Service Benefits

  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Increased Data Integrity
  • Advanced Reporting Capabilities
  • HIPAA Compliant Data Security
  • Accessibility to Your Data