Peer Review

Professional Dynamics offers both stand alone and program-based physician review services. Our physician review staffs’ expertise covers a broad spectrum of medical specialties inclusive of, but not limited to, occupational medicine, neurosurgery, orthopedics, addictionology, emergency medicine, chiropractic and pain management. Our physician panel is well versed in both workers compensation and medical disability.

In addition to our standard utilization review services, our physicians are qualified to provide reviews and services focused on:

  • Causation of injury or disease
  • Duration of disability
  • Return to Work expectations
  • Medication Reviews
  • File review for claim strategy
  • Physician Case Management
  • Auto Liability/1st Party Medical claims

The PDI Advantage

  • We ensure our physicians utilize current evidenced-based or state mandated treatment protocols to render decisions by providing web access to publications and protocols for our physician panel.
  • Our physicians utilize our QCare system to provide an accurate tracking of reviews in process, timely processing and access to the electronic medical record.
  • Our physicians are jurisdictionally licensed in states requiring specific licensure i.e. California
  • Reviews and reports are written by the physician, avoiding "cookie cutter" decisions.
  • Our physicians make every effort to speak with the requesting provider, when applicable, to collaborate on treatment requests.
  • Referring medical provider satisfaction is demonstrated through our low appeal rate of .69%. Less than 1% of our physician review decisions are appealed.
  • Proven success in California Utilization Review – Client audit scores of 94 to 100% with no penalties assessed.

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