San Francisco

Immediate access to a registered nurse at the time of injury, 24/7/365

Why choose nurse advice for

workers compensation?

The best opportunity to medically impact a claim and reduce days away from work is at the most critical stage, the beginning. PDI's Nurse Advice & Injury Reporting line allows employees, including those in a dispersed workforce, immediate access to a Registered Nurse to discuss the nature of their injury. This not only provides the employee an instant advocate and clinical advice to treat their injury it also provides the employer with: 

  • Decreased lag time in injury reporting

  • One point of contact at the time of injury creates a streamlined process for both the employee and the employer

  • Reduces OSHA recordable and reportable claims by providing self care advice when applicable

  • Increased penetration of in-network options

  • Reduction in lost time/days away from work

  • Provides employees with an advocate to address their physical or emotional concerns, promoting improved workplace moral

  • Recording (mp3) of the initial report

Time of Injury

After the Call

Employee calls nurse advice line

Detailed report of injury taken, clinical advice provided

Detailed report of injury taken, clinical advice provided

Home care advice or direction to in-network facilities

Call detail transmitted to employer and claims

Optional 5020 and CA DWC-1 completion

Optional immediate referral into our Nurse Case Management Program