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Telephonic Case Management
Field Case Management
Catastrophic Case Management
Early Intervention/
30-Day RTW Program

Our Philosophy

Our case management philosophy focuses on the management and coordination of care through efficient use of resources. Cost containment, while essential, is not the only goal. Quality and continuity of care, coupled with the assurance of appropriate and timely intervention, are crucial elements for recovery and promoting a stay at work/return to work philosophy. By approaching the case with these goals, our nurses facilitate treatment options and services focused on the identified health needs. This approach decreases the fragmentation and duplication of treatment, while ensuring the right treatment, at the right time, with the right provider.

Our Focus

The focuses of the PDI nurse case management process are to prevent long term disability, control expenses, alleviate hardship for employees and ultimately return the employee back to employment. The nurse case manager’s role in the disability management process is to:

  • Provide early intervention at time of injury to promote stay at work/return to work

  • Establish a plan of care focused on return to pre-injury work abilities and decreased length of disability

  • Expedite medical care by providing authorizations and coordinating treatment

  • Collaborate with the treating physician to identify transitional work abilities

  • Act as a liaison between the employee, claim and employer

  • Identify red flags pertaining to treatment not correlating with diagnosis

  • Escalate treatment requests that are outside of treatment guidelines

  • Coordinate return to work and/or work with RTW coordinator


  • Telephonic Case Management:  Telephonic communication with the injured employee, healthcare provider(s) and employer. The purpose is to gather more accurate and current information, disseminate information and provide input in the course of events surrounding the case. Anticipated duration is 90 days.

  • Field Case (on-site) Management: Recommendation for field case management takes place when an employee or physician is uncooperative, the employee has potential issues with the employer, more direct observation is needed, and the case is not progressing.  

  • Catastrophic Case Management:  Catastrophic cases are identified based on diagnosis, complexity and expected increase in cost. These cases require expert medical case management intervention by specially trained catastrophic nurses.

  • 30- Day RTW Program: Nurse Case Manager follows the first 30-days of a claim channeling treatment through network providers, facilitating return to work and identifying any red flags or barriers to recovery.

White-paper: Effectiveness of Early Intervention of Nurse Case Management. 
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