The 5 steps of the workers’ compensation claims process, and why a 24/7 Nurse injury reporting line

For an injured employee to receive benefits, the worker needs to follow the workers’ compensation claims process, including filing a claim before the state deadline. If a worker is injured on the job, there is a limited amount of time to submit paperwork in order to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Both the worker and the employer must act promptly when an injury occurs. Otherwise, the claim could be denied.

When an injury occurs,

The employer must:

  • Give the employee the appropriate paperwork and guidance

  • File the claim with the insurer

  • Comply with state law for reporting work injuries

The employee must:

  • Notify the employer of the injury (date, time, type of injury, and how it occurred)

  • File a formal workers’ comp claim

Problem Statement

The Workers compensation process is complicated and each of the steps outlined below can be confusing, complicated and daunting to the employee. Often employees simply do not have the knowledge to navigate this complex process on their own.

How the Workers Comp process works:

1. The employee reports an injury to the employer

To make a workers' comp claim, the employee's injury or illness must be work-related. A variety of injuries may qualify, such as slipping on an icy patch in the business parking lot or developing cancer from exposure to toxic substances in the workplace.

In emergency situations, the employee should be rushed to a hospital emergency room. For less immediate concerns, injured workers shou