What sets PDI apart? 

We utilize a team approach, in collaboration with the claim examiner, employer, provider and injured worker.

PDI’s Managed Care Services support all parties during the recovery process while minimizing days away from work and facilitating the worker’s return to work. Whether a claim is on day 1 or day 1000, PDI offers a suite of customizable services to fit the individual needs of our customers.
Years of Managed Care Experience
Cases and UR Reviews handled annually
Reduced costs/claim
Reduction in days away from work

Want to reduce your total W.C. Costs?

Want your employees back to work faster?

Want higher satisfaction rates from employees?

PDI can help lower your total cost of workers compensation, and get your injured workers engaged in their healing, which gets them back to work faster and happier.  Schedule a FREE consultation one of our cost containment specialists and we will show you how you can start saving right away. 

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